D’Santy Huaraches Powerfully Impacts DACA Recipients With Their Product

With the goal to help you connect with your roots, D’Santy Huaraches has created a powerful way for DACA recipients to connect with their homeland, even when many cannot visit those areas due to travel restrictions. By creating a handmade sandal from Mexico, D’Santy is bringing a piece of home to those who wear it, specifically DACA recipients, becoming an impactful brand for many. Created by Maria and Rolando Haro, the brother and sister duo have turned a difficult situation to one of empowerment and created a business out of it.

“When we immigrated to the United States from Mexico, we would wear the sandals that our family would make by hand to school, and we would get made fun of for wearing them and the way we spoke English,” says Rolando from D’Santy.

“Now after 55 years in business, we have changed the narrative to be one of empowerment in your roots and encouraging many other people like us to proudly wear them,” says Maria. “For DACA recipients this is powerful because we know how hard it can be to not be able to visit your homeland. Through the huaraches we bring from Mexico, we can help DACA recipients, like our younger sister, connect with their roots. That’s the goal and we’ve been able to make this happen thanks to the support of many people including Kevin Raiford from NV Grow, who has helped us grow so much.”

NV Grow, a partner of Blackstone Launchpad, has provided D’Santy Huaraches funding through their NVenture Fund and also provided direct services like a marketing consultant and social media strategist, which has increased their sales and exposure, allowing them to see their vision and their grandpa’s vision come to life.

“We helped provide them with funding to help expand their product line and we know that because of their heritage and work ethic they are going to be a continued success,” says Kevin Raiford, Director of NV Grow.

What started as Maria and Rolando’s grandparents making shoes by hand in the huarache capital of the world: Michoacan, Mexico, then transitioned to their dad selling the huaraches at the swap meets in Las Vegas and now, they have become an international success via online sales. “We want to show people that it’s possible and that there is help out there,” says Rolando. Now, D’Santy Huaraches is the leading huarache retailer in all of North America, becoming a leader in the industry and to the overall community, showing you the power of connecting with your roots.